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RA001 Proximity Sensor
RA265 GR Transmitter Harness and Chestplate
RA270A – 2.5K Throw Belt Potentiometer with Wire Harness
RA270C – 5K OHM Potentiometer
RA272 – 10K Potentiometer
RA275A Joystick for GR & Nova Transmitters
RA276 Joystick Adapter Harness
RA280 Remote Key Switch Contactor
RA281 Remote Key Switch
RA282 GR E-stop
RA283 Push Button Start
RA284 Cover and Lense for Push Button Switch
RA290 3.6V Transmitter Battery
RA290A 9.6V Battery
RA292 Rubber Receiver Feet
RA294 – Antenna
RA300 Transmitter Armed Button
RA302 – Black Remote Key
RA900 ON/ON/ON Switch