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CanAmerican is a trusted dealer of high-quality Hendrickson and Dexter lift axles. We offer a wide variety of services from "Pushers" to "tags", from Ontario compliant to SPIF to U.S. Bridge formula multi-lift axle installations.
Lift Axles and SPIF

SPIF (Ontario ONLY)

CanAmerican is fully authorized by Transport Canada to affix a NSM certified compliance label, to SPIF conversions and SPIF system installations. SPIF kits features include lift and lower by weight, reverse lift, and 4-way flasher lift.

What are Safe, Productive, Infrastructure-Friendly (SPIF) vehicles?

As the name implies, Safe, Productive, Infrastructure-Friendly (SPIF) vehicles are designed to be as productive as possible while ensuring their performance characteristics meet or exceed national guidelines and minimize heavy truck damage to roads and bridges. Highway Traffic Act regulations are now causing a migration to 31 SPIF alternatives. Each has its own schedule in the regulation describing the vehicle, its axles, suspension and other required equipment as well as required dimensions and allowable weights. SPIF vehicles can have any body style and carry any commodity. There are no weight reductions for carrying products like sand or gravel. ( – SPIF FAQ)

The final phase of these regulations came into force on July 1, 2011. Straight trucks and their trailers built from that date onwards have to be built to SPIF standards or operate at reduced weights.

Contact us to see how we can help make your truck SPIF compliant, and maximize payload.

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