Throw Conveyors


1st Gen - Chain & Sprocket
2nd Gen - Direct Drive w/ Coupler
3rd Gen - Direct Drive w/ Splined Shaft


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BE100 – Stone Trap Belt
BE105 Chevron Throw Belt
BE250 Rear Hopper Triangle
BE252 Hopper Triangle For Rod
BE253 Hopper Triangle with Notches
BE254 Hopper Front Entrance To Tunnel
BE255LH Left Side Hopper Rubber
BE255RH Right Side Hopper Rubber
BS300 Take Up Bearing – 1 1/4″
BS301 Flange Bearing – 1 1/4″
BS306 Chain Coupler for Direct Drive Throw
BS307 Sprocket for Direct Drive Coupler
BS308 Sprocket for Direct Drive Coupler
BS309 #80 Half Link
BS310 Chain #60
BS311 Connecting Link
BS312 #80 Chain
BS313 Connecting Link for #80 Chain
BS320 11 Tooth Sprocket – 1st Gen Throw
BS321 Taper Lock 1 1/4
BS322 – 21 Tooth Sprocket – 1st Gen Throw
BS323 – Taper Lock SDS1
BS338 Throw Motor Bearing
HW-099-1 Threaded Rod/Belt Adjuster
PR710 Throw Belt Lag Pully
PR715 Flat Throw Pulley
PR720 Guide Roller
PR725 Return Roller – 14″
PR726 14″ Return Roller Mount
PR735 “V” Roller
PR750 – 1 1/4 Taper Lock
TC905 Complete Stone Trap
TC906 Stone Trap Mounting Kit
TC907 Stone Trap Cover
TC908 Stone Trap Tie Rod End
TC909 Small Stone Trap Wheels
TC910 – Large Stone Trap Wheels
TC911 Stone Trap Spacers
TC916 0 Cradle and Pin Assembly
TC917 1″ SS Cradle Pin
VM565 Danfoss Throw Motor
VM566 Permco Throw Motor
VM566SS Permco Throw Motor with Spline Shaft
VM566SS-S Spline Shaft For Permco Throw Motor