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AC032 Breaker – 50 Amp
Danfoss Spools
EL239 3 Position Switch for Hydraulic Cooler
GD402 – Casappa KP40 Ground Drive Pump
GD433 Valve – 3 Port Electric
HY600 Rear Gate Cylinder
HY601 Lift Cylinder (Throw Conveyor)
HY603 Front Beam Lift Cylinder
HY603SW Seal Kit for Front Beam Lift Cylinder
HY605 Swing Frame to Bumper Cylinder
HY606 Swing Frame Top Cylinder
HY606SW Seal Kit for Swing Frame Top Cylinder
HY609 Cylinder End for Chain Swing Frame
HY611 Double Fan Shroud
HY612 Cooler Fan – Small
HY613 Cooler Fan – Medium
HY615 Filter – E0211B2R05
HY616 Filter and Head Assembly
HY619 Cooler Fan – Large
HY620 Flow Control Valve
HY636 Power Wheel Seal
HY655 Casappa KP30 Pump
HY656 Casappa KP30 Seal Kit
HY657 Casappa KP30 Shaft
HY657S Casappa KP30 Shaft Seal
HY680 Theromostat
HY684 – 2″ Tank Cap
HY685 Bottom Stem Gauge
HY685A Back Stem Gauge
HY778 Tank Glass Sight Level
HY796 – Extreme Box Lift Cylinder (1st Gen)
HY797 – Extreme Box Lift Cylinder (2nd Gen)
HY798A – Extreme Gate Cylinder
HY803 Accumulator
Hydraulic Hoses
VM004 – Eaton Solenoid Coil
VM005 – Eaton Manual Override Cartridge Valve
VM006 – Delta #8 SAE Body
VM501 Walvoil 7B Back End Cap & Spring
VM502 Walvoil 7 Bank Steel Handle End
VM505 Walvoil Rubber Boot
VM520 Gresen V20 Handle Assembly
VM521 PVG 32 Handle
VM522 – PVG 32 Handle Assembly NO HANDLE
VM523 – PVG32 Handle Seal Kit
VM526 Mid Inlet Bolt and O-ring Kit
VM526A End Inlet Bolt and O-ring Kit
VM530 Danfoss End Inlet Valve
VM530S O-Ring between Danfoss pumps
VM545 On/Off Valve Coil
VM546S Valve Coil O Ring Kit
VM552 Danfoss Standard Valve Section
VM555 & VM557 Rotary Valves
VM556 Monoblock Valve – 7 Section
VM558 Monoblock Valve – 3 Section
VM565 Danfoss Throw Motor
VM578 PVLP Anti Cavitation Valve
VM582 Feed Motor O-ring
VM584 Valve Section Seal Kit