Belts & Rubber


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BE003 – XTR22 Skirting (set)
BE004 – XTR25 Skirting (set)
BE006 – XTR/SPR Side Hopper (Blue Urethane)
BE007 – XTR21 Skirting (set)
BE008 – SPR27 Skirting (Set)
BE100 – Stone Trap Belt
BE105 Chevron Throw Belt
BE115 XL17 Feed Belt Vulcanized 19.5″ x 42′
BE116 XL15 Feed Belt Vulcanized 19.5″ x 40′
BE116 XL19 Feed Belt Vulcanized 19.5″ x 46′
BE127 Belt Wiper Complete
BE128 Belt Wiper Plastic
BE151 Poly Skirting
BE156 – Poly Skirt Ends
BE172 Liner Bolt
BE172W – Washer for Liner Bolts
BE250 Rear Hopper Triangle
BE252 Hopper Triangle For Rod
BE253 Hopper Triangle with Notches
BE254 Hopper Front Entrance To Tunnel
BE255LH Left Side Hopper Rubber
BE255RH Right Side Hopper Rubber