AC0061 – 3/4″ Flanged Bearings – Roll Rite (Extreme)
AC021 Front Roller Assembly for Hoop Tarp
AC027 – Tarp Reversing Relay
AC032 Breaker – 50 Amp
AC040E-31030 – 97″ Tarp Axle (Extreme)
AC040E-76770 – Tarp Bow Tube (Extreme)
AC040E-76800 Aluminum Corner Casting (Extreme)
AC040E-76810 – Tarp Centering Flange (Pair)
AC040E-M – Electric Motor for Extreme Tarp
AC041 Mesh Flip Tarp
AC041E20B Mesh Tarp for XTR20 (Black)
AC041E22B Mesh Tarp for XTR22 (Black)
AC041E25B – XTR25 Mesh Tarp (Black)
AC042 Tarp Front Roll Up Bar
AC043 Flip Tarp Motor
AC046 Upper Side Tarp Arm & Rear Crossbar
AC047 Corner Kit – Flip Tarp
AC083 Pivot Bracket – Flip Tarp
AC085 Torsion Spring – Flip Tarp
AC086 Side Mount Cast Bearing – Flip Tarp
AC097 Lower Side Tarp Arm
BE003 – XTR22 Skirting (set)
BE004 – XTR25 Skirting (set)
BE006 – XTR/SPR Side Hopper (Blue Urethane)
BE007 – XTR21 Skirting (set)
BE008 – SPR27 Skirting (Set)
BE100 – Stone Trap Belt
BE105 Chevron Throw Belt
BE115 XL17 Feed Belt Vulcanized 19.5″ x 42′
BE116 XL15 Feed Belt Vulcanized 19.5″ x 40′
BE116 XL19 Feed Belt Vulcanized 19.5″ x 46′
BE127 Belt Wiper Complete
BE128 Belt Wiper Plastic
BE151 Poly Skirting
BE156 – Poly Skirt Ends
BE172 Liner Bolt
BE172W – Washer for Liner Bolts
BE250 Rear Hopper Triangle
BE252 Hopper Triangle For Rod
BE253 Hopper Triangle with Notches
BE254 Hopper Front Entrance To Tunnel
BE255LH Left Side Hopper Rubber
BE255RH Right Side Hopper Rubber
BS001 – Bushing (1.25″ODx1″ID) – XTR Swing Frame
BS300 Take Up Bearing – 1 1/4″
BS301 Flange Bearing – 1 1/4″
BS302 Take Up Bearing – 1 1/2″
BS304 2″ Flange Bearing
BS306 Chain Coupler for Direct Drive Throw
BS307 Sprocket for Direct Drive Coupler
BS308 Sprocket for Direct Drive Coupler
BS309 #80 Half Link
BS310 Chain #60
BS311 Connecting Link
BS312 #80 Chain
BS313 Connecting Link for #80 Chain
BS314 Super 140H Chain
BS315 Connecting Link – Super 140H Chain
BS320 11 Tooth Sprocket – 1st Gen Throw
BS321 Taper Lock 1 1/4
BS322 – 21 Tooth Sprocket – 1st Gen Throw
BS323 – Taper Lock SDS1
BS338 Throw Motor Bearing
BS341 – 2″ Front Feed Belt Bearing
Danfoss Spools
DU-B-003 – Aero Lower Arm Junction
DU-B-004 – Passenger Side Air Tarp Roller Support Bracket
DU-B-005 – Standard Rubber Bumper
DU1034 – Tarp Spring
DU1035 – Eye Bolt
DU1039 – Rear Tarp Tube
DU1051 – Tarp Cylinder 4″ x 16″ Stroke
DU1053 – Tarp Quick Exhaust Valve (3/8 Port)
DU1072 – Air Tarp Roller Spring S Series
DU1076 – Tarp Arm Holder
DU1079 – Tarp Roller Brackets S Series
DU1152 – Corner Brace for Tarp Roller Tube 2×1
DU1153 – Corner brace for Tarp Roller Tube Transversal
DU1168 – 12′ Tarp Arm – Steel
Ecostar Parts Book
EL239 3 Position Switch for Hydraulic Cooler
GD402 – Casappa KP40 Ground Drive Pump
GD413 – Clutch Disc Assembly
GD414 – GD Steering Motor
GD415 – Steering Clutch
GD430 1/4″ Air Regulator
GD431 – 12V Drive/Steer Valve (1/4″ and 3/8″)
GD433 Valve – 3 Port Electric
GD435 Ground Drive Alarm
GD436 Hirschmann Connector
GD437 Vickers Valve
GD485 Ground Drive Valve (Discontinued)
HW-053 Bronze Swing Frame Bushing
HW-056 Replacement Swing Frame Bushing
HW-057 Swing Frame Seal
HW-062 Cable Clamp 3/4″
HW-072 Front Beam Lift Cable
HW-073 Front Beam Cable, Nut & Thimble Kit
HW-080 Front Beam 8″ Sheave
HW-084 Beam Shackle
HW-095 Tie Rod End
HW-095B Tie Rod End Block
HW-099-1 Threaded Rod/Belt Adjuster
HY600 Rear Gate Cylinder
HY601 Lift Cylinder (Throw Conveyor)
HY601SW Lift Cylinder Seal Kit
HY603 Front Beam Lift Cylinder
HY603SW Seal Kit for Front Beam Lift Cylinder
HY605 Swing Frame to Bumper Cylinder
HY606 Swing Frame Top Cylinder
HY606SW Seal Kit for Swing Frame Top Cylinder
HY609 Cylinder End for Chain Swing Frame
HY609 Cylinder End for Chain Swing Frame
HY611 Double Fan Shroud
HY612 Cooler Fan – Small
HY613 Cooler Fan – Medium
HY615 Filter – E0211B2R05
HY616 Filter and Head Assembly
HY619 Cooler Fan – Large
HY620 Flow Control Valve
HY636 Power Wheel Seal
HY655 Casappa KP30 Pump
HY656 Casappa KP30 Seal Kit
HY657 Casappa KP30 Shaft
HY657S Casappa KP30 Shaft Seal
HY680 Theromostat
HY684 – 2″ Tank Cap
HY685 Bottom Stem Gauge
HY685A Back Stem Gauge
HY778 Tank Glass Sight Level
HY796 – Extreme Box Lift Cylinder (1st Gen)
HY797 – Extreme Box Lift Cylinder (2nd Gen)
HY798A – Extreme Gate Cylinder
HY803 Accumulator
Hydraulic Hoses
LA1075 Lift Axle Control Module
LU302 Auto Greaser Repair Kit
PR700 Flat Feed Belt Pulley
PR705 Feed Belt Lag Pully
PR710 Throw Belt Lag Pully
PR715 Flat Throw Pulley
PR720 Guide Roller
PR725 Return Roller – 14″
PR726 14″ Return Roller Mount
PR726A Mount for 18″ Return Roller
PR730 Return Roller – 18″
PR735 “V” Roller
PR737 Troughing Roller
PR750 – 1 1/4 Taper Lock
Proximity Sensor – Large
RA001 Proximity Sensor
RA265 GR Transmitter Harness and Chestplate
RA270A – 2.5K Throw Belt Potentiometer with Wire Harness
RA270C – 5K OHM Potentiometer
RA272 – 10K Potentiometer
RA275A Joystick for GR & Nova Transmitters
RA276 Joystick Adapter Harness
RA280 Remote Key Switch Contactor
RA281 Remote Key Switch
RA282 GR E-stop
RA283 Push Button Start
RA284 Cover and Lense for Push Button Switch
RA290 3.6V Transmitter Battery
RA290A 9.6V Battery
RA292 Rubber Receiver Feet
RA294 – Antenna
RA300 Transmitter Armed Button
RA302 – Black Remote Key
RA900 ON/ON/ON Switch
SP0025 MAC 3 port solenoid valve with tee handle
ST800 & ST801 Bumper Flanges
ST806 – Lift Cylinder Collar
ST826 Bumper Pin
ST827 Swing Frame Pin
ST942 – Power Wheel mount U-blocks
TA-0710-602155 – Aero Flange Bearing 1″
TA-A0311-840200-P – Aero 108″ Upper Swing Arm
TA-A0311-840201-P – Aero 136″ Upper Swing Arm
TA-A0755-627005 – Aero Right Angle Tarp Motor c/w Cover
TA-A1300-148436 – Aero 90 Degree Upper Corner
Tarp Spring Pivot Arm
TC905 Complete Stone Trap
TC906 Stone Trap Mounting Kit
TC907 Stone Trap Cover
TC908 Stone Trap Tie Rod End
TC909 Small Stone Trap Wheels
TC910 – Large Stone Trap Wheels
TC911 Stone Trap Spacers
TC916 0 Cradle and Pin Assembly
TC917 1″ SS Cradle Pin
TC941 Slewing Gear
TC942 Slewing Gear Motor
VM002 – Dual PO Check Valve
VM004 – Eaton Solenoid Coil
VM005 – Eaton Manual Override Cartridge Valve
VM006 – Delta #8 SAE Body
VM501 Walvoil 7B Back End Cap & Spring
VM502 Walvoil 7 Bank Steel Handle End
VM505 Walvoil Rubber Boot
VM506 Walvoil Rotary Valve Handle
VM508 Walvoil Handle
VM520 Gresen V20 Handle Assembly
VM521 PVG 32 Handle
VM522 – PVG 32 Handle Assembly NO HANDLE
VM523 – PVG32 Handle Seal Kit
VM526 Mid Inlet Bolt and O-ring Kit
VM526A End Inlet Bolt and O-ring Kit
VM530 Danfoss End Inlet Valve
VM530S O-Ring between Danfoss pumps
VM545 On/Off Valve Coil
VM546 Hi Pro Valve Coil
VM546S Valve Coil O Ring Kit
VM550 – Danfoss Throw Section
VM552 Danfoss Standard Valve Section
VM555 & VM557 Rotary Valves
VM556 Monoblock Valve – 7 Section
VM558 Monoblock Valve – 3 Section
VM565 Danfoss Throw Motor
VM566 Permco Throw Motor
VM566SS Permco Throw Motor with Spline Shaft
VM566SS-S Spline Shaft For Permco Throw Motor
VM567 – Hydraulic Vibrator Motor
VM568 Feedbelt Motor
VM578 PVLP Anti Cavitation Valve
VM582 Feed Motor O-ring
VM584 Valve Section Seal Kit