At World of Concrete 2024

2024-02-05 - CanAmerican Stone Spreader

World of Concrete 2024 was a hub of innovation and cutting-edge technologies, with companies from around the globe showcasing their latest advancements in the construction industry. Amongst these amazing companies was CanAm, where our revolutionary Soil King stone spreader and Eliminator left an amazing impression on attendees and industry professionals alike.

This year at World of Concrete, we proudly exhibited our state-of-the-art stone spreading equipment. Our booth was filled with excitement as visitors marvelled at the efficiency, precision, and versatility of their stone spreader technology.

Revolutionary Stone Spreader

Our Soil King Extreme stone spreader showcased unparalleled precision in spreading technology, and a visual aesthetic that keeps fleets looking clean and timeless. Whether it is gravel, sand, soils, mulches or aggregates, our Soil King Extreme distributes materials with incredible accuracy.

Attendees were particularly impressed by the machine's speed and efficiency, making it a game-changer for construction projects of all sizes.